Ivy Quill

Exclusive Inamorata

For some, this is a hobby; for others,
it’s a lifestyle.

Just the Little Things

You can help me stay my best + keep me thinking of you by investing in my monthly self-care! Click here and don’t forget to include a note so I can thank you properly!

  • Hair Salon
  • Manicure + Pedicure
  • Spa + Skincare
  • Tattoo Appointment
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Yoga Studio Membership

Dinner Date Extraordinaire

Pencil us in for a weekly date night! Only available in Seattle.

Begins at 5k.

Part-Time Paramour

Whether you want to get away or stay in, we’re having breakfast in the morning. Available across the U.S.

Begins at 10k.

A Kept Woman

You are my exclusive benefactor. I am your devoted darling. Available anywhere in the world.

Begins at 30k.

“I have been seeing Ivy for a few years now and every visit is pleasantly different. There’s a rhythm to our rendezvouses – conversation, the warm approach, and then the move to behind closed doors – and yet the cadence of how things unfold astonishes. Ivy always excites me. I look forward to all the different movements of our dance: the conversation, the caressing, the final moment. And I always leave dreaming of coming back for more.”

— T, New York