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I spend most of my time at my HQ in the beautiful city of Seattle, WA. Although my roots are in the Pacific Northwest, I have a restless nature and traveling is one of my great passions in life. You can sign up for my newsletter to be kept up-to-date on all my adventures!

My schedule is full of both personal + business related activities; as a result, I do not have the luxury of accommodating last-minute requests. I recommend reaching out at least 2 weeks in advance but the sooner you send me your request, the more likely I will be able to accommodate.

**At this time, COVID-19 has temporarily shut down Seattle schools, businesses and events. I cannot know for sure whether or not a travel ban will follow. I will not be touring or available for Fly-Me-To-You dates until I can be confident I will arrive + return safely.


Dates Location
Mar 02 - Mar 05 Unavailable
Mar 06 - Mar 08 Seattle or FMTY
Mar 09 - Mar 11 Unavailable
Mar 12 - Mar 15 Seattle or FMTY
Mar 16 - Apr 06 Unavailable
Apr 07 - Apr 12 Seattle

In compliance with Seattle's Shelter in Place orders, I will be unavailable until April 7th.

“I have been seeing Ivy for a few years now and every visit is pleasantly different. There’s a rhythm to our rendezvouses – conversation, the warm approach, and then the move to behind closed doors – and yet the cadence of how things unfold astonishes. Ivy always excites me. I look forward to all the different movements of our dance: the conversation, the caressing, the final moment. And I always leave dreaming of coming back for more.”

— T, New York