Ivy Quill

About Me

Modern Woman.
Classic Arrangement.

You can call me Ivy. I’m a lifestyle + personal travel companion based out of Seattle, WA. I’m a petite brunette with a slender, hourglass figure; but then again, you can see that, can’t you? Since we both know that physical chemistry is only part of this equation, anyway, let me fill you in on what’s behind the baby-blues.

I’ve been described as an old soul still blessed with youth.

I’ve chosen this life for many reasons, one of which is that being a polyamorous omnisexual has a lot of professional synergies for me. I believe that genuine connection transcends superficial limitations. I live unapologetically and when you’re with me, we can explore how good that feels together.

A renaissance woman in-the-making, my passions are diverse and plentiful. In college, my studies included English Lit., Sociology, and Business. Although I value the time I spent in academia, I’ve never let the absence of a formal classroom keep me from trying new things. I’m a curious and adventurous kitten by nature; not one to shy away from a challenge.

When I need to turn my phone off and disconnect from the world, I’m likely to be found hiking through the Snohomish mountains with my dog, practicing the piano, picking fresh tomatoes from my personal garden, or curled up in one of my favorite cafes with a hot drink and a new novel.

I’m a lucky woman to be living a life that I love: a life of creative and hedonistic pursuits, all guided by a wanderlust compass. I hope you’re ready to be a part of my adventure.

Ivy Quill

“If anyone ever asked me to describe her, I’d tell them that I think she is a truly beautiful person and an absolute joy to spend time with.”

— M, Seattle