Ivy Quill


Booking the Babe

Screening is required to ensure both our safety and our compatibility.
Discretion and professionalism are of top priority to me: I promise you that all the information you provide me will only be used for our agreed intents and purposes.
Please be ready to include the following info in your introduction:

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Employer
  • Work Email

If you don’t have a separate work email, don’t worry! Include your LinkedIn, personal website, or other applicable employment information.

If applicable, please also include:

  • References: I will need the contact information for two or more reputable providers you’ve seen in the last 6 months. Please include their name, email address, personal website, and social media or advertisement link.
  • Community Membership: Please include your handle/username if you’re a member of a client verification site, a review board or have a community-oriented social media account.

First impressions never get a second chance

I’m grateful to be at a point in my life and career where I can be exceedingly selective about who I choose to spend my time with. I’m interested in meeting people who understand the value of a first impression: those who offer an interesting or thoughtful introduction and are forthcoming with all the information I ask for.

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“Ivy’s vibrant eyes and perfect body are complimented fabulously by her wit and eagerness for adventure. She is an absolute treasure and each experience is both unique and refreshingly familiar.”

— R, Seattle