Ivy Quill


Sharing is Caring: Compersion in Life & Work

Just as I can’t pick a favorite food, color or book: I cannot pick a favorite person. Each one of my relationships provides a unique contribution to my well-being because each one nourishes me in a unique way. I can’t merely take more Vitamin-C if I’m deficient in Vitamin-D; I need both in their proper […]

“I have been seeing Ivy for a few years now and every visit is pleasantly different. There’s a rhythm to our rendezvouses – conversation, the warm approach, and then the move to behind closed doors – and yet the cadence of how things unfold astonishes. Ivy always excites me. I look forward to all the different movements of our dance: the conversation, the caressing, the final moment. And I always leave dreaming of coming back for more.”

— T, New York