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Because of the current pandemic, you wil find me in my hometown of Seattle, WA. Although I have a restless nature and traveling is one of my great passions in life, my adventures will be limited until it is deemed safe to gallavant around the world once more. You can sign up for my newsletter to be kept up-to-date on what I’m up to or you can always exclusively Fly-Me-To-You!

My schedule is full of both personal + business related activities; as a result, I do not have the luxury of accommodating last-minute requests. I recommend reaching out at least 2 weeks in advance but the sooner you send me your request, the more likely I will be able to accommodate.

I am never available for same day appointments.


Dates Location
Dec 15 - Dec 22 Seattle or FMTY
Dec 23 - Jan 01 Unavailable
Jan 02 - Jan 18 Seattle or FMTY
Jan 19 - Jan 20 Unavailable
Jan 21 - Jan 31 Seattle or FMTY

“Gorgeous, sexy, intuitive, gracious, and skilled. The perfect, complete package.”

— A, New York